Beitrittsdatum: 20. Sept. 2022


I was somehow taken aback by the unexpected offer and shrugged uncertainly, which could mean both “yes” and “I don’t know.”

“Fall into the back seat, otherwise I have a box in front,” he commanded in a businesslike way

Leshka, not hearing a clear "no" from me.

I dutifully flopped into his old Skoda, dropped my bag beside him, and stretched my tired legs under the front seat. A wave of supreme bliss ran through my body, as if I had hit a jackpot. The bag slid to the floor and unzipped, the phone slipped out of it and fell at my feet. The screen lit up. Unanswered SMS: “Alice, are you coming over the weekend?” Only dad called me not Alya, but Alice. This should have been the name of the daughter, adjusting the fabulous name Alice to the surname of Seleznev. He liked a cartoon from a hundred years ago about a girl who traveled through space with her dad and another fat man.6. I would also travel with my dad. He's funny to me. And kind.



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